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2012-01-10 OpenGL for 3D rendering
2012-01-10 wxWidgets interface
2012-01-10 gtk-mac integration
fixed 2012-01-10 Compilation error on MacOS X
fixed 2011-11-17 Automatically collect defined Particle classes in model definitions
won't fix 2011-08-17 Warn if unsupported attributes are in model definitions?
2011-08-14 Time indicator stuck on '0.0'
2011-08-13 Proper aspect ratio of 2D simulations
2011-08-11 Spartacus segfaults
2011-08-11 Rotate the view via mouse
2011-08-11 Periodic backup of system state
2011-08-11 Improved analyzer handling
2011-08-11 Profiling support
2011-08-11 Provide keyboard shortcuts
2011-08-11 Renderer gets triggered too often
2011-08-11 Redesign of physics/chemistry/numerics modules
2011-08-11 Provide example simulations
2011-08-11 Central perspective changes with absolute box size
2011-08-11 Display exception traceback in GUI
2011-08-11 Exceptions are not shown in GUI mode
fixed 2011-08-11 Enable GUI support for 2D simulations