Spartacus is a platform for performing spatially resolved, particle based simulations of mass spring systems with emphasis on soft condensed matter systems. Spartacus is written with an educational audience in mind with emphasis on easy of use and fast model development. Although similar in scope, the software does not try to compete with large-scale molecular dynamics simulators (e.g. LAMMPS, Gromacs, and NAMD).


2-D simulation of membrane assembly in water.

Intertwined chains.

Emergence of a 3-D sponge phase.



Spartacus has been developed for Linux but can be installed on Windows after setting up all prerequisites. We are currently working on easy to install distributions for Windows and Mac OS X.

Spartacus requires PyGTK and numpy. After setting up the prerequisites, download and extract spartacus-0.1.0a11.tar.gz and follow the installation instructions in doc/install.html.


Mailinglist support for Spartacus will be provided with the growth of its user base. For the time being, please send an email to harold_AT_ifk_DOT_sdu_DOT_dk if you have difficulties concerning the installation or usage of Spartacus.

Send bug reports to harold_AT_ifk_DOT_sdu_DOT_dk. Before reporting bugs, please consult the currently known issues.